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Kirkwood Community College is holding a free COVID-19 vaccination clinic through April 23 and has expanded access to members of the general public who would like to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Additional registration times are now available for students, faculty, and staff, as well as all Kirkwood community family members, friends, and alumni. Anyone who meets the requirements, and is at least 16 years old, is encouraged to register for an appointment.

Info and Registration

UPDATE 4/7/21

Kirkwood has updated the protocols for face-to-face meetings involving employees. The meeting requirements can be found on the faculty and staff Back to Campus pages.

UPDATE 2/8/21

Kirkwood's virus protocols will remain unchanged following Governor Reynolds' recent easing of some COVID-19 restrictions. Masks are still required on all Kirkwood campuses and social distancing guidelines will continue to be in place. More information regarding the COVID-19 protocols at Kirkwood can be found here.

Mask and Shield Update: 

Kirkwood does not allow gaiters or face shields* (when worn without a mask) as appropriate face coverings. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors are required to wear non-vented face masks in all college facilities, including classrooms, unless alone in a private office or room. Masks should also be worn outside when social distancing is not possible. Appropriate face coverings include cloth masks or disposable masks that cover both the mouth and nose. Students, faculty, and staff may wear face shields for additional protection so long as they are worn with a face mask.

*Faculty may only wear face shields in the classroom where the faculty member determines that instruction requires an unobstructed view of the face. Instructors wearing a face shield will be required to maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet from students at all times, and must remain at the front of the classroom while wearing the shield. Students may wear face shields where the student has received an accommodation through Accommodation Services. All parties should be aware that an individual wearing a face shield who would come into contact with a COVID-positive person without a mask is considered an exposure.    

Spring 2021 Semester Update

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Kirkwood joined other colleges in delaying the start of the Spring 2021 semester and cancelling spring break. Spring semester will now happen January 25 through May 10.

The entire Kirkwood community is excited that students are back on campus for spring 2021 classes. There is a full schedule of courses this spring, including in-person, online, WebLive, and hybrid formats. Kirkwood has worked hard to make sure that the college can provide a safe and productive learning environment for everyone.

  • Masks are required on campus. 
  • Classrooms and common areas have been modified for social distancing
  • If needed, masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) are provided at building entrances

For more information about COVID-19, visit the CDC's COVID-19 website.