Network Security

Network Security

Defend Against Cyber Attacks

Network and system administrators work in a fast-paced, challenging area of technology that designs, builds, integrates, maintains and secures local area networks. Network security involves protecting systems from cyber attacks and other external threats. As digital attacks get more and more complex, industries need information technology professionals who can keep networks, systems, and data safe. 

The Network Security Certificate consists of 24 Credit Hours over four semesters to give you a strong background in securing networks and defending against a wide range of cyber attacks.

Plan of Study

First Semester

  • NET-165 - Network Plus* (3)
  • NET-630 - Cyber Law and Ethics* (3)
  • NET-321 - Windows Networking* (3)

9 Credit Hours

Second Semester

  • NET-235 - CCNA Cisco 1* (3)
  • NET-174 - LAN Administration* (3)

6 Credit Hours

Third Semester

  • NET-600 - Network Security Basics* (3)
  • NET-618 - Network Defense & Remote Access Configuration* (3)

6 Credit Hours

Fourth Semester

  • NET-619 - Network Attacks: Detection, Analysis & Countermeasures* (3)

3 Credit Hours
*Minimum grade of C- for graduation

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