Women in Safety Conference

Women in Safety Conference

Midwest Women in Safety Conference 2023: Be Intentional in Your Ripple Effects in Safety

Take a break from your busy day and gain tools to discover your impact in safety culture at the Midwest Women in Safety Conference. The day will be filled with training, motivation, and information geared specifically toward women safety professionals. Choose your path from a variety of subjects, from safety to professional development, to customize your experience. Vendors with women’s PPE will also be available at the conference.

Come join us October 19, 2023 for an inspiring day to connect, engage, and learn with other women in safety! All are welcome to attend.

We will also take the time to recognize the 2023 Safety Woman of the Year and the 2023 Lifetime Achievement Award. Nominate a candidate today! Nominations are due no later than October 2, 2023.ce_women_safety_conference_logo_2021.jpg

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Date: October 19, 2023

Time: 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Fee: $40 per person

Location: Kirkwood Linn County Regional Center, 1770 Boyson Rd., Hiawatha, IA 52233

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Celebrate the magnificent accomplishments of remarkable women in safety who are dedicated to making workplaces safe and healthy for Iowa workers. There are two awards that are open to nominations:

2023 Safety Woman of the Year

2023 Lifetime Achievement Award

Do you know someone who deserves recognition?

Click the link below for submission guidelines.

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Please submit your nomination no later than October 2, 2023.

The Kirkwood Linn County Regional Center is located at 1770 Boyson Rd., Hiawatha, IA 52233. This facility is located near I-380 taking exit 25.

Conference Schedule

Arrive at the Kirkwood Linn County Regional Center to check in for the day.

Opening Remarks and Welcome

Learn the secrets to developing positive team culture at your workplace. Using personal stories, business cases, and experiences from the audience, Lisa delivers examples of organizations in healthcare and individuals that have created more powerful ripples and inspired action, innovation, and productive breakthroughs. She’ll introduce a process that will enable you to create and sustain a culture that will produce repeatable results!

Lisa Even delivers high-energy keynotes that challenges leaders to think beyond their backyards and believe that they happen to their teams, and not the other way around. Lisa is on a mission to connect with 1 million people and help leaders create ripples that turn into waves (big and small). Trained in Public Relations and Public Administration, she has a unique background in operational leadership, project management, marketing, and business development. Through business workshops, rapid fire coaching, and speaking, Lisa partners with leaders and teams to relate, create, and innovate through connection, culture, and productivity.

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Track 1: Planning for the Unplanned - Integrating Emergency Response into Your Operation

Emergency response is becoming more of a relevant topic as natural catastrophes are only increasing as the years go on and some emergencies are inevitable in people's lifetime. Often times, the employees aren't trained or posed the questions so that they know the answers to how to respond in such events. This training will include real world examples on how to prepare for these disasters, have hands-on training for participants to learn what they can do to improve their EAPs, and leave students with tons of resources to take back and implement. Participants will love this dynamic presentation no matter what industry or learning style they are.

About the Speaker: Cadrien Livingston is a regional safety manager for a global agricultural network company called Viterra. She currently manages 20 grain elevator locations for safety support in her region. Before that, she worked as a safety consultant for an insurance broker for over three years. Cadrien has a personal story tying her to safety and recently has found that emergency response has become a big passion for her as it is the key to preventing and being proactive to helping prevent tragedy at a workplace. She aspires to continue telling her safety story if only to save just one life.

Track 2: 5 Strategies to Accelerate Your Career in Any Male-Dominated Industry

Want to make more money? Get promoted? Earn your way into the executive ranks of your organization? Do not miss this career-catapulting and straight-up-inspiring presentation — featuring 5 proven strategies that create a behavioral road map to advance your career up the corporate ladder and dramatically improve your chances for success at the top. Find out how 45 minutes of focused attention, with an open mind, can change the trajectory of your entire career . . . even if there are no role models in your organization that look like you. On a safety note:  Remember to always put your own oxygen mask on first in an airplane emergency. Choose to protect yourself for 45 minutes today—guilt-free—and then watch how quickly you will be positioned to help others.

About the Speaker: Coty Fournier is one of the U.S. construction management industry’s most prominent thought leaders on accelerated career strategies and motivational change agency. As a powerfully inspirational speaker and best-selling author, Coty’s extraordinary 30-year journey - from field engineer to C-suite executive roles in construction and related tech spaces - is leaving ambitious women everywhere a well-marked trail along the fast-track to success at the top of the construction management industry . . . or any traditionally male-dominated field. 

Track 3: Secrets of a Storyteller - Creating and Presenting Compelling Stories 2.0

Many say they’d love to utilize the power of storytelling in their safety training, but claim that they’re just not “good at it.” This session will show you how to take an average “case study” and craft it into a compelling story that can bring your point to life in the mind of your listeners. You’ll also learn some secrets about dealing with stage fright and the jitters that come from public speaking, and we’ll even throw in a few “9-1-1” tips for when you suffer a temporary brain freeze while you’re in front of everybody.

About the Speaker: Originally a professional radio broadcaster, Joe Korpi brings energy, humor and colorful storytelling to passionately make safety concepts real, pertinent, and impactful. His goal is to translate OSHA regulations and industry standards into the language workers understand.  Joe completed a Bachelors Degree in Occupational Safety and Health from Columbia Southern University and attained the Certified Safety Professional designation from the BCSP. 

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Track 1: Surviving ISNET - Tips for Understanding and Navigating Qualification Platforms

Many large general contractors and manufacturers are turning to third party qualification platforms (like ISNET, Avetta, and more) to vet subcontractors and part manufacturers. In this session we’ll discuss the data (Experience Mod, TRIR, etc.) and documentation requested, what it all means and provide tips for surviving some of these daunting platforms.

About the Speaker: Kristy Ryan brings several years’ experience delivering loss control and risk management services to commercial insurance clients throughout Eastern Iowa. She enjoys building meaningful relationships through delivering value-added support and services. She works to help reduce claims through risk analysis, mitigation, and training. Kristy is an OSHA Outreach Certified 10 and 30-hour Trainer and is a past-president for the Northeast Iowa Chapter of the American Society of Safety Professionals.

Track 2: Powering Up - Embracing Battery Safety in Our Workplaces

The market for site and equipment electrification has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years as companies strive to reduce their carbon footprint. While this transition offers numerous benefits, it is not without its risks. The manufacturing, storage, handling, processing, and disposal of different types of batteries present significant hazards to our companies, facilities, operations, and, most importantly, our employees. It is crucial to comprehend these risks to ensure the protection of everyone involved and to prepare companies for potential worst-case scenarios that may arise from battery usage.

About the Speaker: Linden Terpstra is the CEO and Founder at EHS Support Source, an interactive online service that makes it faster and easier for businesses to find and hire environmental, health and safety (EHS) third-party experts. Prior to founding EHS Support Source, Linden was an original leader of the EHS team at Redwood Materials in Nevada, a battery materials manufacturer on the cutting edge of the battery recycling industry. 

Track 3: Managing the Weld Fume Environment

Work-related injuries are higher in welding than in other occupations. The risk of fatal injury in welding, cutting, and brazing applications is more than four per thousand workers over a working lifetime. These are common practices performed every day in a wide variety of industries: shipbuilding, construction, manufacturing, and fabrication, to name a few. Regardless of how often these applications occur within an organization, everyone – owners, supervisors, workers, educators, students – is accountable in understanding the hazards that exist, how to protect from those hazards, and how to comply with enforced regulations.

About the Speaker: Kathi Abshire is a welding safety solutions manager for Miller Electric and holds a QSSP (Qualified Safety Sales Professional) certification. With nearly 40 years of experience and a substantial background in the safety and occupational health industry, Kathi has helped many companies achieve compliance and excellence in welding safety. 

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Track 1: Best Practices for Fleet Safety Management

An increasing concern for businesses is the rapidly rising cost of insurance. Premiums are increasing at historically high rates. Insurance carriers are tightening their risk appetite, resulting in more non-renewals. In particular, auto insurance rates have shifted upwards in the last few years as parts, repairs, and replacement costs have increased, due to inflationary pressures and the unavailability of key components. Another factor driving up the cost of insurance is the rising number of traffic collisions and deaths. What can fleet safety managers do to prevent collisions, become a better risk for insurance carriers, and reduce their overall cost of risk? We will discuss proven best practices to accomplish these goals.

About the Speaker: Chad Murrell is an accomplished Senior Risk Control Consultant at Gallagher, supporting the organization as a national resource specializing in fleet and transportation safety. Chad supports his clients by delivering strategic transportation and fleet safety solutions, ensuring that clients receive exceptional services aligned with their priorities and designed around their unique needs, exposures, and loss trends by offering sustainable solutions.

Track 2: Case Study - Manatt's Experience with Lytx DrivCam Program: Best Practices and Benefits

How successful can a DrivCam be for reducing incident and injuries in your fleet program, and most importantly keeping employees engage? This session will focus on best practices for engaging leadership and employees in a successful DrivCam program. Trevor Martin with Manatt's Inc. will walk participants through examples of Manatt's highly successful DrivCam Program and what the team did to keep a proactive focus on engagement to improve fleet safety.

About the Speaker: Trevor Martin has worked at Manatt's Inc. for over 12 years, starting as a driver within the Ready-Mix division. He later became the Ready-Mix Safety Specialist, which allowed him to travel over the state of Iowa promoting safety and proper training within the division. He is currently the Program Manager for the Elite Training Program, Lytx DrivCam Program, BuildWitt Pilot Program and as a leadership coach and mentor for various departments within the company.

Track 3: The Importance of EQ in Leadership Development

The adage is true – People don’t quit jobs, they quit leaders. The environment and experience that a leader creates is a large contributing factor that determines an individual’s job satisfaction. Strong Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills are how leaders can create a positive connection and plays a crucial role in how we show up and how others view and experience us. While technical skills and expertise are essential, effective leadership is about more than just knowledge and competence. Learn how to hone your emotional intelligence skills to create a positive and productive work environment, build strong teams, and drive organizational success.

About the Speaker: With over 15 years of human resource and people strategy experience, Ashley Ferguson proudly leads TrueNorth's award-winning Learning & Development team. Fueled by a passion for helping people achieve their full potential, Ashley has spent the past four years developing programming that harnesses the power of TrueNorth's workforce in exceptional, collaborative and resourceful ways, while ensuring they feel a sense of connection and belonging to something greater. Ashley serves on the Eastern Iowa Workforce Development Board, where she serves as the Vice Chair.

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Track 1: An Update on NIOSH Efforts to Advance Equitable PPE Protection for Women Working in Hazardous Environments

Then National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) addresses issues pertinent to underserved PPE user groups related to the equitable PPE use, availability, accessibility, acceptability, or knowledge. Underserved PPE user groups may include workers who are of an atypical size; members of a gender, racial, ethnic, or linguistic minority group; perform nontraditional worker activities; or are members of subdisciplines that are not the primary focus of the current PPE activities within their larger field.

About the Speaker: Dr. Emily J. Haas is a Research Health Scientist at  NIOSH's National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory (NPPTL), and the co-coordinator for NIOSH’s Center for Direct Reading and Sensor Technologies (CDRST). Dr. Haas has authored over 95 publications and provided over 150 technical presentations, including workshops and keynotes at international health and safety conferences.

Track 2: When Safety and Health Management Systems Work, Everyone Benefits

Safety and health in the workplace is more than just work rules and training. A well-rounded Safety and Health Management System (SHIM) does much more than simply track illnesses and injuries and keep your business in compliance. SHIMs helps company leadership and safety personnel track, identify, and analyze all sorts of data from safety observations on the floor to near-miss investigations and outcomes. Well-developed systems keep employees happier, safer, and allow leadership to anticipate safety concerns and begin the groundwork to address it before the issue becomes larger. Come learn how SHIMs allow your organization to reach the next level of occupational safety and health.

About the Speaker: Cody Meidinger started as an Industrial Hygienist with Iowa OSHA and recently took on the role as VPP Coordinator in March 2023. Cody conducts inspections, handles complaint intake, and has developed a successful training program for Duty Officers.

Track 3: Lessons at Every Turn

Speaker Heidi Goettsch will take us through her "road less traveled," her journey through infertility and second-chance at life. She will vulnerably share the impact it's had on her faith, her career, her family, and just about every other decision she has made. After spending 20+ years in a corporate setting, she stepped away to align her core values and priorities with the work she was doing and the impact she was making. This session will provide questions to reflect on your own journey, remind you that good can come from trials, and empower you to live out your purpose.

About the Speaker: Heidi Goettsch is the founder of Core Strategic Solutions, a consulting and coaching firm focused on aligning business strategy with people strategy. She leverages over 20 years of experience and her diverse background to support organizations from strategy and coaching to execution, as well as to develop cultures with trust, transparency, and high-performance. Heidi helps strike the balance between customers, team members, and business results to drive high engagement, high retention, and organizational success.

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We wrap up the conference with some closing remarks and announce the award winners!

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