Student Voting Resources

Student Voting Resources

As a college student, this upcoming election is likely your first opportunity to vote. Your vote matters, which is why we encourage you to educate yourself on the candidates and issues. You have the power to elect the next leaders of our local communities, state, and nation.

Polling Location

The polling place for precincts 43 and 44 is located at Rec Center on Kirkwood's main campus.

Registration and Student Resources

To register to vote in Iowa, you must be: a U.S. citizen, an Iowa Resident, and at least 17 ½ years old (must be 18 years old by election day.) As a college student, you have the option of registering to vote in your hometown or where you currently live, but you cannot register in both locations. 

When It's Time to Vote

Review the Election Calendars for important deadlines. As election day approaches, make sure you find your precinct or polling place or, if you choose, vote via absentee ballot. Learn more about absentee voting


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