Global Learning

Global Learning

International Focus, Individual Impact

At Global Learning, we advocate for every member of the college's faculty, staff, and student population to engage in intercultural experiences. To support this goal, we provide a wealth of programs and events to promote access and equity to these encounters. We facilitate these opportunities in many ways: within the classroom, through international admissions and student services, study abroad courses, virtual exchange curriculums, English language learning for immigrant students, partnering with worldwide institutions, and more.

Global Learning Opportunities

Future International Students

Learn more about how we can help you make the most out of your college experience. 

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Current International Students

Initiatives and opportunities for Kirkwood international students. 

Events & Programs

Study Abroad

Over 160 Kirkwood students study abroad each year. Are you ready to join them?

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English Language Acquisition

You can learn English, and Kirkwood can help! Our English Language Acquisition (ELA) focuses on helping you practice your speaking and writing skills.

Courses are taught entirely in English, which helps prepare you for continuing your education at Kirkwood. Study English to help improve your job opportunities.

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Tejas Mallela

“It's not like a typical community college. They have a lot of facilities that you would find at a 4-year school. Plus, the class sizes are small, the quality of class is high, and the cost is low.”

Tejas Mallela,

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The Global Learning office is located at 1154 Linn Hall

Phone: 319-398-5579