High School Completion

High School Completion

Ready to Finish Your High School Diploma?

Kirkwood can help! Whether you’re a current high school student who needs to get back on track or an adult who needs to further their education, Kirkwood has options for you.

This program is for anyone who needs to finish a high school diploma and become prepared for college and the workplace.

Current High School Students

Need a few credits to finish your diploma? Check out our Transfer Credit options. Kirkwood can help you get back on track as long as your local district approves the credit.

Order a copy of your transcript after you’re done taking classes.

Adult Learners

Kirkwood offers two options for you. The Adult High School Diploma is for students who are just a few credit hours short of graduating. You can also earn your High School Equivalency Diploma.

Both options work to improve your basic reading, writing, and math skills so you can be more self-sufficient and earn your high school diploma. For more information, call 800-332-2055, ext. 1516 or 319-784-1510 to learn about classes and/or tutoring options in your area. 

High School Completion Locations

You can earn your high school diploma in seven counties! Find out more about each location.

Class Options

We have classes in social science, science, math, English language and literature, and electives that will apply to your diploma. Check out our online and correspondence courses! You can also learn to speak english!

Program Fees

Here are some of the fees you can expect for each program.

High School Equivalency Diploma: $52.50 testing fee (scholarships available).

Transfer Credit: $175 per semester in-state. School districts will be charged.

Graduation Fees: $37 for cap and gown, $8 for extra tassels.

Learn More

See our frequently asked questions or call us.

Kirkwood Center For Lifelong Learning | 319-784-1510

Distance Learning Videos

Apex Orientation Video

Students should watch this video before starting online classes.

Watch Video

Checking Your Progress Video

Students will be able to check their progress in online courses.

Watch Video

Tutoring Training


Kirkwood uses Diploma Sender for high school transcript requests.

Consult this handbook for any questions about transferring credits.

Call 319-784-1510 to register for our high school physics course.

photo of Sean Wiese

“I’m proud of myself for finishing, but if it wasn’t for the staff here, I probably wouldn’t have come back. The teachers are a big part in my success. If I had had more teachers in high school like the ones I had at Kirkwood, I would’ve finished high school.”

Sean Wiese,
High School Completion

Read more about Sean Wiese' story on the Kirkwood Online Newsroom.