Advancing the Future

A Tour of Corridor Manufacturers

Technological advances and robotics in the manufacturing industry have transformed how we work, and this creates a demand for more skilled workers.

Today's manufacturers offer high-skilled positions with lots of future potential. During this event, Corridor manufacturers open their doors to help the public understand what's created here in our own backyard.

Learn about what they do, explore manufacturing careers, and take pride in the products our local employers create. 

Updated event information coming soon!

There's no cost for taking a tour during the Advancing the Future Manufacturing Tour. Just check the tour schedule (coming soon!) for dates and times of tours, and show up at the manufacturer of your choice at the listed time. Please pay attention to safety notices and follow all posted signs.

Interested in this field? These resources will help you explore the advanced manufacturing field further.

For more information, check out the Advanced Manufacturing Sector Board industry awareness and career exploration portal.

Host a Tour

Are you interested in opening your doors and providing a tour of your manufacturing facility? Would you like to help promote the manufacturing industry and build your future workforce pipeline? 

For more information, contact:

Barb Rawson