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About Us

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For 50 years, Kirkwood has been a talent pipeline for in-demand jobs in Eastern Iowa. Community colleges were born to foster economic growth through skills training. This has evolved to include administering workforce programs and small business development. Today, we offer a range of services for businesses of all sizes.

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Our History

We started with a promise. A promise to help one company in Cedar Rapids provide technical training for its employers. A promise we delivered on, and continued to deliver on, for more and more companies as we grew.

Adaptability = Success

For over 30 years, Kirkwood Corporate Training has been providing customized training solutions for businesses in the ICR Iowa region. That’s over 30 years of helping local business grow, recruiting and developing top-level talent, and supporting our local economy. At Kirkwood, we’re not just invested in a small segment of the community, we’re invested in the entire community. Because we’re part of that community too.


Our Approach

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to business challenges. That’s why we pride ourselves on our ability to create customized training solutions that fit your business needs. No matter the size of your business, big or small, local or international, our consultations always begin the same way: we listen. By listening to you, by learning your business and discovering your needs, we can find the best solution to help you overcome your specific challenges. 

Listen → Assess → Respond

And we can do it quickly. We’re flexible, on-demand, and pull from a pool of expert talent – industry leaders prepared to give your business the personalized, individual attention it deserves. Think of us as your made-to-order business team.


Our Community

When you invest in training through Kirkwood Corporate Training, you’re not just investing in your business, you’re investing in your community. As part of Kirkwood Community College, we’re committed to developing and bettering the ICR Iowa region through educational outreach. The minimal fees we collect funnel directly back into the general college fund, ensuring your investment isn’t just in your employees, but in your future employees and our region’s economy as a whole.

Investing in Kirkwood Corporate Training is investing in the region’s future workforce.

We also dedicate time and resources to building and bringing together partnerships in the community. We believe that a strong, local foundation of business partnerships is what will keep the ICR Iowa region vibrant in the future.


Your Training Partner

If you’re ready to find solutions, we’re ready to help. Together, we’ll develop customized training solutions that work for you – your business, your employees, your industry. With our history, our approach, and our community support, we’re the perfect partner to ensure the growth and development of your business.

To see what we can do, contact our Kirkwood Corporate Training team today.


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