Customized Training

Customized Training

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Kirkwood Corporate Training is proud to offer quality instruction and customized training to businesses of every size and service. Through customized consultation and training services, we are committed to partnering with you from start to finish, ensuring that your unique goals are met. Our face-to-face, virtual, or hybrid training provides you with personalized solutions that work.

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Training Catalog

Want to see what kind of solutions we offer? This catalog provides an overview of the variety of topics and trainings we have recently offered from our annual programs. Remember, all of our trainings are completely customizable. Consider this guide to be your inspiration to discover what works best for your company. We're happy to discuss how we can best work with you.

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Training Topics

Demanding fast growth, changes in leadership, and new strategic initiatives, all business transitions require a structured approach to help your employees adopt change in order to move from current to future states. Kirkwood Corporate Training can provide the training and consulting your business needs to identify and implement the processes, tools, and techniques to manage the people side of change that will enable your company to have a successful transition. 

Keeping up with the rapidly changing world of technology is no easy task, but few tasks are as critical to your company’s success. We offer comprehensive computer and technology training to give your employees the edge they need to stay ahead. 

A proactive approach to health and safety helps create a safer workplace by enhancing skills and raising awareness, while at the same time ensuring company compliance with environmental and safety regulations. Kirkwood Corporate Training can assist with customized training in areas such as CPR, fire safety, emergency planning, lockout/tagout, confined space, OSHA and building an employer safety plan.   

Industrial and manufacturing settings are rapidly changing as a result of technological innovation. What that means for companies is that there’s a dramatic increase in the demand for a technically skilled workforce.

Turn to Kirkwood Corporate Training for your welding, CNC, GD&T, blueprint reading, shop math, industrial maintenance, forklift, PLC, and other manufacturing and technical needs. All trainings can be customized to your company specifications and can be offered on-site as requested.  

One thing that sets healthy organizations apart from others is strong, effective leadership. We have a wide variety of leadership trainings and consulting opportunities for companies looking to strengthen their current and future leaders.

Our Virtual Leadership Coaching program provides one-on-one personalized leadership support when and where you want it, at your own pace. Meet our current coaches available to you.

At the heart of a strong organization are the people who make up the core of its workforce. Equipping your employees with the people skills necessary to work in teams, work with clients and build relationships will increase your bottom line. We help your team develop skills in collaboration, conflict resolution, decision making, employee motivation, and workplace diversity through group exercises and trainings as well as individual coaching.  

Kirkwood Corporate Training is your quality training and implementation resource. From basic lean principles, Agile, project management, value stream mapping, 5S, and other quality tools, we can help your company cut waste and be more nimble in today’s global economy. 

The core of a healthy organization is a well-functioning team. We have a variety of tools to work with your organization’s team to identify personality types, build communication skills, and increase team productivity.

Does your company have drivers who need to earn their Class B CDL? Do you have an employee who needs to fine-tune their driving skills for Class A or B vehicles? We have over 30 years’ experience in training drivers in the region. Let us help you supercharge your driver base. 


Kirkwood Corporate Training webinars are convenient and easily customizable. Take a look at some of the past free webinars we’ve offered to all businesses! Topics can be transformed into larger sessions or tailored to your training needs.

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