Advanced Manufacturing and Welding

Advanced Manufacturing and Welding

Who builds the future?

The future of advanced manufacturing is exploding. Machines are getting smarter, the demand for products is increasing and the time we need to develop them is decreasing. Our region needs young professionals like you to design, program, operate, and maintain this technology.

Taught by industry experts, this Career Academy experience can position you to be a leader in the growing world of manufacturing, robotics, and welding.

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WEL-208: Introduction to Fabrication

WEL-233: Introduction to Welding, Safety & Health of Welders

WEL-228: Print Reading and Welding Symbol Interpretation: SENSE1

WEL-244: Gas Metal Arc Welding Short Circuit Transfer

WEL-245: Gas Metal Arc Welding Spray Transfer

WEL-251: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) for Carbon Steel

MFG-173: CNC Mill Operator – NIMS

MFG-174: CNC Lathe Operator – NIMS


Additional Welding Courses (offered through Washington County's welding-focused academy experience):

WEL-269: Thermal Cutting Processes

WEL-274: Shielding Metal Arc Welding

Exact courses may vary. Contact your high school counselor or the nearest Kirkwood location for full details. 

Completing this academy experience earns students three industry-recognized welding certifications. In addition, it can be the starting point for various college certificates, diplomas, associates, bachelors, and graduate degrees.

If you’re planning to transfer to a four-year college or university after attending Kirkwood, find specific transfer information here.

Note: this academy experience requires a strict attendance policy in order to meet industry standards for certification. Personal protective equipment requirements outlined at orientation.

Dane Dermody

“When students can be put into a situation where they have hands-on learning and time to develop their strengths, that takes pressure off the workforce because employers won’t have to train new hires.”

Dane Dermody,
Kirkwood's assistant professor of Advanced Welding Technologies

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