Pre-Professional Health Careers

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Pre-Professional Health Careers

Explore Professional Health Careers

This academy includes rigorous academic preparation for some of today's most popular pre-professional programs at colleges and universities.

It assures successful academic preparation of required transfer level coursework for pre-professional majors at many colleges and universities as well.

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Course offerings may vary. Visit your nearest Kirkwood location website or high school for local course options.

Completion of high school anatomy or biology strongly recommended.

BIO-151 | Nutrition | 3 credits

Designed to show the relationship between sound nutrition and good health. Covers energy requirements, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins, minerals, metabolism, physical exercise, dieting, weight problems, evaluation of nutritional claims, vegetarianism, and proper nutrition during pregnancy and lactation.


BIO-168 | Human Anatomy and Physiology I (with Lab) | 4 credits

Introduces the structure and function of the human body. Emphasizes organization at the cellular and tissue level and selected organ systems. Includes laboratory activities (computer simulations, dissection, and/or human specimens) to reinforce current concepts.


BIO-173 | Human Anatomy and Physiology II (with Lab) | 4 credits

Continues the study of human organ systems. Integrates laboratory activities including, computer simulations and human specimens, corresponding to structure and functions investigated.


HSC-205 | Exploration of Healthcare Careers | 3 credits

Explores all aspects of health care and careers in the field. Focuses on understanding basic wellness, and growth and development of the human being. Includes field trips to an emergency room at a local hospital, a surgical center, a free healthcare clinic, a dental clinic, an outpatient OT/PT/speech center, administrative offices at a nursing home and a laboratory. Covers the past, present and future of health care.


PEH-111 | Personal Wellness | 3 credits

Emphasizes the importance of personal responsibility in health and wellness. Focuses on personal decision making in cardiovascular fitness, muscular fitness, nutrition and weight control, as well as aging and health. Reinforces improvement and maintaining quality of life through health and healthy decisions. 

One year of high school biology and/or chemistry or a college-level biology course is strongly recommend for incoming Pre-Professional students.

Kirkwood Community College health career program options include: Occupational or Physical Therapy, Exercise Science and Wellness, Nursing, and Surgical or Pharmacy Tech Programs.

Average Salaries

Nurse Practioner

Physician Assistant

General Practice MD

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If you are planning to transfer to a four-year college or university after attending Kirkwood, specific transfer information can be found at All About Transferring.