Nursing Program (LPN)

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Nursing Program (LPN)

Get to Work as a Nurse, Faster

Use your passion for caring to achieve your dream of becoming a nurse who makes a difference — at Kirkwood we can help you get there sooner than you might think!

In just one year, you can learn how to combine your compassion as a helper and a healer with the latest in healthcare science and technology. Take these skills with you to make a life-changing difference for patients in need.

Nursing is projected to be one of the fastest-growing career fields in the next 10 years. Let our one-year Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) program help you start a bright future. 

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Nursing is the largest health care profession in the United States. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics indicates that employment among registered nurses will grow by 16 percent through 2024. More than 400,000 registered nurse jobs will open up over the next seven years due to increased health care demands of an aging population and decreased supply caused by impending retirements and current nurses. Employment opportunities for licensed practical nurses are also projected to grow, with a projected increase of 16 percent by 2024.
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LPN classes give you a full range of clinical experience, covering medical, surgical, geriatric, maternal-child, pediatric, and mental health modalities.

You'll also get real-world patient care training with supervised laboratory, simulation, and real-life clinical experiences that begin in your first semester at Kirkwood. Take a look at the LPN Transfer program map to help you visualize your path forward. 

Kirkwood offers more than $3 million in scholarships for students each year, and there are 35 for students enrolled in nursing programs. Nursing students may also qualify for the tuition-free Last Dollar Scholarship and/or the Kibbie Grant.

Program Requirements

To ensure your success in the Nursing Program at Kirkwood, please make sure to complete the following:

  1. Apply
  2. Take Placement Exams PRIOR to New Student Orientation.
  3. Register for and attend New Student Orientation PRIOR to the start of classes.
  4. Register and attend a Program Conference DURING your first semester to better understand all program requirements.
  5. Obtain your Certified Nursing Assistant certificate to ensure that nursing is right for you and increase your readiness for Nursing Program admission.

Nursing students are required to purchase scrubs to wear when completing nursing labs, simulations, and clinical assignments. You will also need a laptop computer for Nursing exam software. See requirements below.

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Working with an advisor is an easy way to ensure you’re setting yourself up for success. Schedule an appointment today and get the answers you’re looking for. 

Tonya Saddoris
Tonya Saddoris, M.Ed.
Title: Nursing Advisor/Pathway Navigator
Phone: 319-398-4513
Office: 2168 Linn Hall
Education: M.Ed.; Upper Iowa University

Advisors are assigned by student last name. If your last name begins with A through V, please make an appointment with Tonya online.

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Lauri Hughes
Lauri Hughes, MBA
Title: Department Coordinator
Phone: 319-398-5613
Office: 2172D Linn Hall
Education: A.A.S.; Kirkwood Community College
B.S.; Mount Mercy University
MBA; University of Iowa

Advisors are assigned by student last name. If your last name begins with W through Z, make an appointment with Lauri online.

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Please take a look at some of the frequently asked questions we get about Nursing.

Within the scope of practice of the practical nurse, the Kirkwood nursing program graduates will:

  • Patient-Centered Care: Provide compassionate patient-centered care to meet client physical, psychological, cultural, and spiritual needs within the context of the family and the community.
  • Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Collaborate with members of the interdisciplinary health care team to ensure the provision of safe, quality, effective care through the use of communication and relationship–building skills.
  • Evidence-Based Practice: Use systematic assessment, critical analysis, and application of best evidence and practices to implement evidence-based health promotion, prevention, and condition management to optimize patient, family, and population health.
  • Quality Improvement: Participate in the development and implementation of health care organization quality improvements.
  •  Safety: Implement safe care practices for patients, families, communities, and members of the health care team.
  •  Informatics: Utilize electronic medical records, intranet and internet resources, and other informatics resources and tools to make informed clinical decisions.
  • Patient Self-Management: Facilitate patient self-management of health through planned education coordinated across the continuum of care to promote health, prevent illness, and manage health care conditions in the context of the family and the community.
  • Professionalism: Perform all activities ethically and with integrity, always demonstrating a commitment to provide evidence-based, safe, quality, compassionate care for diverse patients, families, and communities.
  • Leadership: Develop and use leadership skills to organize, motivate, and inspire health care team members to provide safe, quality, effective, and efficient patient care.

We train standout nurses! Our LPN graduates regularly pass the NCLEX-PN licensing exams, with graduate pass rates of 100 percent over the past four years. Current NCLEX-PN rates for all nursing programs in the state of Iowa are published on the Iowa Board of Nursing website.

If you are planning to work outside of the state of Iowa, please meet with the Dean of Nursing to make sure you are familiar with Nursing licensure requirements of that particular state. For more information, visit the National Council of State Boards of Nursing website.

The Kirkwood Community College, Associate Degree in Nursing program is pursuing accreditation from the National League for Nursing Commission for Nursing Education Accreditation (NLN CNEA), located at 2600 Virginia Avenue, NW, 8th Floor, Washington, DC 20037; phone 202-909-2526. Interested parties are invited to submit third-party comments in writing directly to NLN CNEA, attention Lesleyan Jackson (, NLN CNEA Manager, Accreditation Services, no later than September 1, 2021.


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