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Learn your way around Kirkwood with our interactive maps.


Campus Map

It's easy to find your way around campus with our interactive map. Using the search tool, either enter the name of the building you wish to visit, or the building number found on the paper map.

We will soon add an Amenities/Accessibility map, so visitors can find practical items such as the location of restrooms, and water bottle fill stations. For those in need of accessible sites, the map will include elevators, automatic doors, as well as warnings on sidewalk slopes.

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More Facilities Maps

These various maps are used by facilities. 

Kirkwood Facilities

A username and password is required to access the Administrative map. Please see someone in the facilities office if you wish to access it. For those that just want to view the locations of facilities on campus and don't need editing access, use the Guest map.

See the Admin MapSee the Guest Map

ArcGIS Online Directions

This is a resource for facilities staff. The ArcGIS Online directions are for those employees who have permission to edit the base data found on the Administrative map. A username and password is required.

TOPCON Directions

This is a resource for facilities staff. The TOPCON directions are for assisting employees who need to find a specific location on campus, such as a water valve. No username or password is required.

GIS Training Manual

This handbook is intended for facilities personnel at Kirkwood Community College and covers those items necessary for the completions of GIS related tasks. It is not intended to offer a full understanding of the tools in the ArcGIS suite.



The study guide is a map of Kirkwood trees and has attributes such botanical name and genus. Each tree also has a link to websites offering more information about the specific tree. This site will be updated per staff and faculty requests.

To find trees in the area of a specific building, use the down arrow on the left of the search bar and select the building name. Once that is selected, start typing the botanical name of the tree you are searching for. The map will zoom into the building area with a tree highlighted, and a pop-up opened.

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