Pick Up Classes After the Start of the Term

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It isn’t too late to take a class at Kirkwood! Whether you've missed the start of the semester or just need to add a few classes to your schedule, we have classes beginning in October.

Courses are available on Kirkwood's main campus, Iowa City campus, and online.

October Course Offerings

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Start End Synonym Number Course Section Name of Course Bldg. Room Instructor
10/4/21 10/22/21 0328107 MGT-140-ATW150 Time Management in the Workplace Online ATAW Whitson
10/11/21 11/5/21 0328193 SDV-135-ATW182 Job Seeking Skills Online ATAW Ebaugh
8-week classes 10/18/21 - 12/14/21
10/18/21 12/14/21 0327741 ACC-156-ATW180 Managerial Accounting Online ATAW Hansel
10/18/21 12/14/21 0327842 BUS-290-ATW180 Employment Search and Workplace Success Online ATAW Pounds
10/18/21 12/14/21 0327858 CON-257-ATW180 Pre-Construction Services Online ATAW Greathouse
10/18/21 12/14/21 0327859 CON-324-ATW130 Advanced Construction Estimating Online ATAW Becicka
10/18/21 12/14/21 0327948 ENG-105-ATW180 Composition I Online ATAW
10/18/21 12/14/21 0327949 ENG-105-ATW181 Composition I Online ATAW Carpenter
10/18/21 12/14/21 0327959 ENG-106-ATW180 Composition II Online ATAW Carpenter
10/18/21 12/14/21 0327960 ENG-106-ATW181 Composition II Online ATAW
10/18/21 12/14/21 0327975 ENV-115-ATW180 Environmental Science Online ATAW Maas
10/18/21 12/14/21 0327986 HCM-231-ATW180 Nutrition Online ATAW Ralph
10/18/21 12/14/21 0334678 HCM-231-ATW181 Nutrition Online ATAW Ralph
10/18/21 12/14/21 0328033 HUM-142-ATW180 Popular Culture Online ATAW
10/18/21 12/14/21 0328063 MAT-115-ATW180 Mathematics and Society Online ATAW Henry
10/18/21 12/14/21 0328180 PSY-121-ATW180 Developmental Psychology Online ATAW Meehan Brennom
10/18/21 12/14/21 0328192 SDV-135-ATW181 Job Seeking Skills Online ATAW
10/18/21 12/14/21 0328244 SPC-101-ATW180 Fundamentals of Oral Comm Online ATAW Cherjovsky
10/18/21 12/14/21 0328245 SPC-101-ATW181 Fundamentals of Oral Comm Online ATAW Skaggs

Why take a class at Kirkwood?

  • We’re affordable. Classes cost $186 per credit hour for Iowa residents and $249 for non-residents, so you’ll save some serious money.
  • We have online options. Taking classes at Kirkwood is convenient and fits your schedule. 
  • Our credits are easy to transfer. Kirkwood makes transferring credits simple. We have courses that meet general education and major requirements. Learn more about transferring credits.
  • Your course load is flexible. Enroll in courses as either a part-time or full-time student.

Next Steps

  • Current Students: Register for September Start or October Start classes in MyHub
  • New Students: New to Kirkwood and interested in taking a course or two listed above? Submit your application here. Then, follow the instructions in your welcome letter to set up your Kirkwood account. Please note: The deadline for completing orientation (required for all degree-seeking students) has passed. Orientation will open again in late October. For more information, visit our orientation webpage here. If you’re not planning to be a degree-seeking student, visit our Guest Student Checklist here.