Tuition & Scholarships

With affordable tuition and a wide range of services and scholarships available specifically for international students, Kirkwood offers one of the best educational values in the United States. 

Approximate Costs - I-20 Amount

  • Tuition and fees (two semesters) at 15 semester hours - $10,800
  • Books and Supplies - $1,000
  • Room and Board - $5,940
  • Personal - $1,600
  • Transportation - $900
  • Student Health Insurance (1 year) - $1,300
  • Total: $21,540


Even though international students aren't eligible to receive U.S. financial aid, we can still help make your time at Kirkwood more affordable!

Global Citizen Scholarship (new students)

StudyIowa Scholarship

Kirkwood Scholarship Office


Employment Opportunities

Interested in working on campus? See what jobs are available.

Find a Job on Campus

Tejas Mallela

“It's not like a typical community college. They have a lot of facilities that you would find at a 4-year school. Plus, the class sizes are small, the quality of class is high, and the cost is low.”

Tejas Mallela,


Global Learning

Phone: 319-398-5579
On campus: 1154 Linn Hall