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Accurate reporting of news is more important than ever in today’s fast-paced and rapidly changing world. With news now being available 24/7, well-written, well-educated, and unbiased journalists keep the world informed. 

The journalism field is wide open with many avenues and opportunities for careers in print journalism, broadcasting, online journalism, and communications both with industry and business.

At Kirkwood, you’ll learn what it takes to be in the middle of exciting local and world events. You’ll write news in a clear, concise and unbiased manner, take captivating photos, and publish your work in a variety of media settings.


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As a Liberal Arts student, you will take core requirements while choosing exciting electives in journalism. Kirkwood has special transfer agreements with all three state universities and many other four-year institutions for those students interested in transferring and earning a bachelor's degree in journalism.

With Kirkwood, transferring and earning a degree in journalism couldn’t be easier or more affordable!

Take advantage of your share of more than $3 million in scholarship opportunities! At Kirkwood, we make it easy. You only need to apply once, even if you are eligible for more than one scholarship.

Gazette Communications Scholarship

  • Must be enrolled in Graphic Communication Technology, Journalism, Communication Studies or Digital Media (emphasis in print journalism or broadcast)
  • Must maintain a minimum 2.5 grade point average

Iowa Broadcasters Association Scholarship

  • Must be a second-year student in Communication Studies, Journalism or Digital Media
  • Must be seeking a career in radio or television broadcasting
  • Must have a combination of academic ability and potential as well as demonstrate community interest and involvement
  • Must demonstrate financial need

In addition to coursework, you can gain hands-on, journalistic experience as a first-year student through classroom instruction and participation in Kirkwood's award-winning, student-run newspaper, Communiqué.

You can apply for the following staff positions at this bi-weekly publication: writer, photographer, graphic artist, news editor, opinion editor, feature editor, A&E editor, sports editor, social media editor, web editor, copy editor, photo editor, layout editor, distribution manager, and managing editor.

No previous experience is necessary!

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The Journalism interest area at Kirkwood is part of our Liberal Arts program. You will work closely with the Advising and Transfer Center and journalism faculty when deciding on which classes to take.

Our journalism faculty are experienced professionals who can also be a great resource when making transfer decisions and planning for a career in journalism. They have years of professional experience working in news outlets and are recognized experts at helping students explore all career options in the journalism field.

With many options to choose from, the advising process will also help you figure out what specialty area of journalism to pursue.

Mass Media Studies

MMS-101 Mass Media
Surveys the field of mass communications. Takes the theoretical position that mass communication is a social system, considering the functions, structure and performance of the individual medium, as well as the auxiliaries. Credits: 3, Hours: (3/0/0/0), Prereq: none; Coreq: none; Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A

MMS-105 Audio Production
Introduces audio production in the broadcast and file industry. Presents basic, intermediate, and advanced audio production principles and techniques. Learn how to operate the audio console, microphones, speakers, and sound recording devices. Add prerecorded music and sound effects utilizing audio editing software. Credits: 3, Hours: (3/0/0/0), Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A

MMS-111 Video Production
Introduces basic principles and techniques used in video and film production. Focuses on producing, scriptwriting, directing, shooting, and editing through in-class demonstrations, lectures, and hands-on projects. Completes digital medial projects individually and in groups with an emphasis on storytelling. Enhances the critique process by screening videos in class. Credits: 3, Hours: (3/0/0/0), Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A

MMS-133 News Media Convergence
Introduces skills required for print, broadcast, and Web journalism. Students develop skills that include identifying news, interviewing and event coverage, researching, reporting, writing print and broadcast material, and converting it to the Web. Final versions of stories will be evaluated for publication in the Communiqué, broadcast on KSP News and posted to the Kirkwood Student Media website. Credits: 3, Hours: (3/0/0/0), Prereq: none; Coreq: none; Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A; Comments: Permission of program coordinator

MMS-165 Media History 
Teaches the historical development of media in the United States from the earliest forms to the digital age. Explores the role of global media and its effect on culture and diverse audiences. Evaluates media messages using media literacy skills. Credits: 3, Hours: (3/0/0/0), Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A

MMS-215 Broadcast Writing and Performance
Emphasizes scripts and commercial writing skills. Students will announce and perform before microphones and cameras. Credits: 3, Hours: (3/0/0/0), Prereq: none; Coreq: none; Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A

MMS-220 Advanced Television
Designed to teach students the proper operation of remote video and audio equipment. Course emphasizes script writing and videotape editing. Final projects will be televised on Kirkwood's cable channel. Credits: 2, Hours: (1/2/0/0), Prereq: MMS-104; Coreq: none; Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A

MMS-241 Public Relations and Marketing
Examines the history and structure of the public relations industry. Analyzes the First Amendment and explores ethical issues. Students prepare a promotional campaign. Credits: 3, Hours: (3/0/0/0), Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A

MMS-920 Field Experience
Provides on-the-job training in the media field. Credits: 3, Hours: (0/0/9/0), Prereq: none; Coreq: none; Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A; Comments: Permission of instructor/coordinator

MMS-924 Honors Project
Allows a qualified honors student to pursue a special concentration of study under the guidance of a faculty member. Requires completion of an honors project contract. May be taken more than once. Credits: 1, Hours: (1/0/0/0), Prereq: none; Coreq: none; Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A; Comments: Requires approval of supervising professor and dean

MMS-928 Independent Study
Allows the student to pursue a special concentration of study under the guidance of a faculty member. Requires an independent study contract. Credits: 1-2, Hours: (0/2-4/0/0), Prereq: none; Coreq: none; Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A; Comments: Requires approval of supervising faculty member and dean

MMS-948 Special Projects
Provides opportunity to carry out a media project under professional direction. Credits: 1, Hours: (0/2/0/0), Prereq: none; Coreq: none; Arts & Sciences Elective Code: A

Each year, many students successfully transfer their Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees from Kirkwood to four-year institutions in Iowa and across the country.

If you're planning to transfer to a four-year program, you'll work very closely with advisors in our Advising and Transfer Center. They'll make sure you have everything completed for a seamless transfer.

Our advisors help take the guesswork and confusion out of the process, ensuring you meet Kirkwood’s graduation requirements, as well as the admission requirements and transferability of courses to your transfer school.

By meeting with our advisors early and often, you’ll be better prepared for the next steps in continuing your journalism education after Kirkwood.

There are many career choices and paths in the journalism field, and a degree in journalism can prepare you for a highly competitive job market. In today’s economy, careers in journalism span far beyond newspaper, radio, television, or film.

With heightened media awareness, a career in journalism can also include the growing fields of public relations, advertising, and publishing. Kirkwood can help you explore your career options by providing exciting experiences in and out of the classroom to help you find the best path.

Associated Collegiate Press

Associated Collegiate Press is a national community of collegiate journalism and media advisers and students. The organization provides journalism education services to students, teachers, media advisers, and others throughout the United States and in other countries.

Career Coach

Career Coach is an incredible resource for exploring your careeer options in journalism. Get access to the most current data on beginning, average, and upper salaries for positions right here in Iowa. You’ll also be linked to current employment postings, as well as associated education and training information.

Iowa College Media Association

The Iowa College Media Association is an organization for colleges and universities in Iowa committed to the development of excellence in media education. Students who join the Communiqué staff (Kirkwood’s student newspaper) have the opportunity to enter their work in the annual Iowa College Media Association contest, where they will compete with other community colleges and four-year universities in Iowa.

Iowa Newspaper Association

The Iowa Newspaper Association includes current career opportunities, leadership workshops and industry research. is a nonpartisan site maintained by Pew Research Center and provides information about trends in the journalism industry.

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